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Opening Hours

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Course highlights:

  1. Comprehensive guidance and appraisal program
  • Total 40 working days, 320 working hours at a physical center in Amritsar, India
  • Two instructors will be available from Monday to Saturday throughout the day except for lunch
  • Initially, students will be exposed to bench mount manikins (7 units) and after that, they will be transferred to chair mount
  • the course is divided into two parts- technical and clinical skills.
  • Technical skills=
    • Every week two technical demos will be
    • In the first week composite restoration tasks – class 4 and complex composite (cusp build-up) will be covered with all the possible variations



  • in second week porcelain fused to metal crown task will be covered with all the possible variations

Two demos of pfm will be given- one on anterior tooth and one on posterior tooth to have complete understanding of crown cutting.

Along side this preparation task, demo and hands on will be provided for provisional crown preparation.

  • In third week amalgam restoration task demo and hands on will be provided with all the possible variations

Along side this task, endodontic access preparation task will be covered with all the possible variations.

  • In fourth week, demo will be provided on caries tooth preparation task with available variations in caries simulated teeth (class 3 and class 2).
  • Fifth and sixth week will be devoted to practice/doubt sessions of above tasks. Finally two mocks will be conducted for techical and clinical
  • Candidates will be availed with two doubt sessions alternatively after mock exams in which they work on their errors happened in the mock

part two- clinical skills

It is divided into three clusters and two types

Cluster one- clinical information gathering cluster two- diagnosis and management planning cluster three- clinical treatment and evaluation

type1- communication based osce stations type 2- performance based osce stations



  • Every day clinical communication stations with candidates for 4 weeks between 10 am- 11:30 am
  • 3 demos will be provided on performance based osce stations every
  • Intially lecture on infection control and communication skills will be provided before starting both parts of clinical
  • Total ten osce stations will be provided in clinical skills mock exam and every station has a timing of 8 minutes.
  • Two clinical skills mocks will be conducted alternatively with technical skills mock like an examination
  • All performance osce stations will be judged with infection control procedures according to adc guidelines.
  • All performance osce stations will be given on patient simulated
  • Every week two medical and dental emergencies will be discussed.
  • Study material is provided everyday for next morning clinical skills
  • Books and study material will be available at centre in hard
  • Performance osce stations covered in this course:
  • Rubber dam application
  • Pit and fissure sealant application
  • Rpd designing
  • local anaesthesia application
  • Radiograph analysis and performance
  • Extraction of tooth with columbia manikin
  • Scaling of teeth with artificial columbia calculus
  • Periodontal charting and probing depth measurements
  • Matric band application
  • Medical emergencies
  • Suturing of artifical gums
  • cusp height analysis with articulating paper and its adjustments
  • Dental impressions
  • Both technical and clinical mock exams results will be given on next morning after mock
  • Radiographic performance task can be practiced in melbourne also (tarneit).
  • Everyday infection control mistakes in both technical and clinical skills will be provided to every
  • All technical skills tasks will be performed on pvr 860 columbia dentoform

Extra benefits

  • Candidates will be provided with one key to centre and they can come early in the morning or can stay late in evening so they can have more working
  • Centre will be open on sunday also but instructors will only be available from monday to
  • Centre has a small lounge area where they can prepare their tea, coffee or hot
  • Onsite dental material person available
  • Dental technician is also available easily. Ongoing support program
  • Once a candidate finishes this program at centre, he/she will be introduced to ongoing online program which is based on whatsapp for technical and clinical skills assessments.
  • This program lasts till candidate gives his/her
  • material will be provided in soft

Material provided:

  • Dental working unit
  • Adc pvr 860 columbia dentoform manikin
  • amalgamator
  • Cpr manikin + aed trainer
  • Local anaesthesia manikin
  • Extraction jaws + dental instruments
  • Perio jaws + dental instruments
  • Rpd casts
  • Suturing kit

Candidate need to bring rest of the material (list of required material can be received upon request.

Expenditure- $2500(subject to increase)

extension policy-

Those candidates, who has finished their course, can come to the centre to refresh their work by joining the centre for revision before the exam.

Prior booking is required to secure the seat. Expenditure- $200 aud for 10 days

Supplementary program

  • Tetrad mock series:
  • duration- 1 week
  • Conduction of 4 mocks (1each for technical and clnical skills)
  • Morning 9am-12 am– clinical mock
  • Afternoon 2pm- 8pm- technical mock
  • doubt session after everyone two mocks. Expenditure- $750


online programs

  1. Online comprehensive assessment program (technical and clinical)
  • Duration- variable depending upon the requirements of the candidate
  • Complete flexibility of assessment sessions and doubt sessions.
  • both sections/days of adc exam new pattern will be interpreted.
  • First introductory session will be provided at the beginning which will explain the required information about the current and old pattern
  • Fixed test sessions and doubt session planners will be provided beforehand
  • Individual analysis of every candidate will be performed
  • Material in the form- books, videos, journals, adc guidelines will be
  • Online sessions plan

Every week- there is a group session

Every candidate- has three individual sessions per week every fortnight- online mock exam

  • Complete information will be provided for infection control and communication
  • Online mock exams will be provided for technical and cinical
  • All material and videos will be provided for technical skills

Expenditure= 2000 aud

  1. clinical skills osce online program features:
    • Duration- from date of joining till the exam
    • A whatsapp group will be working on it througout the course.
    • Comprehensive study material will be provided to the candidate for clinical
    • three individual sessions will be given everyweek to all
    • 1 group session will be provided every week in which we discuss clinical skills
    • Videos related to performance osce stations will be provided.
    • Separate lectures will be arranged on infection control and communication
    • Online mock exams will be conducted according to the
    • Regular homework will be given and assessed accordingly.

Expenditure- 1500 aud




Our physical centre is located in golden temple city, amritsar (north india).

this city contains international airport also which allows the candidates to fly from different countries to our centre smoothly. In addition, our centre is just 20 minutes drive from the airport.

All the best for your ADC journey regards

Atlas dental scholars