• This course going to cover NDEB AFK exam comprehensively with online mode only
  • This course is divided into three modules based on AFK 2023
  • Online audio live lectures will be based on
  • All our sessions will be recorded; Transcripted and can be
  • All recordings must be downloaded within 30 days of the
  • This course involves lecture sessions, doubt sessions, test sessions and mock
  • All our sessions will be based on the weekends with flexible
  • Continuous feedback systems throughout the
  • Individual performance analysis will be done
  • Study material will be provided in soft copies through google drive and
  • Messenger chat groups will be working for continuous motivation and




  • Previous year papers – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 (over 13000 questions)- well referenced and explained papers
  • Clinical cases mcqs of every subject
  • Referenced and recommended books of every subject
  • Well detailed notes of every subject
  • Important topic list of every subject
  • Practice test papers of all subjects
  • Practice mock exams for all modules
  • Short notes and table note of every subject
  • Cda guidelines
  • ADA guidelines
  • Ada articles
  • Clinical cases and case scenarios




  1. PAST PAPER DISCUSSION PROGRAM – In this program, we discuss past paper questions in a detailed way. our students do bring their doubts about the past papers. we mainly discuss last five-year questions. in addition, we also provide notes on requested new topics related to the exam questions. After the discussion, the recording gets uploaded on google drive within some time. Normal timing of this program- every Saturday – 0800 Am (INDIA), Evening time every Friday- 0930 Pm (TORONTO CANADA). This program is specially designed for the past papers so that the students can finish it parallelly along with the other study


  1. GENERAL DISCUSSION PROGRAM- In this program, we discuss random general topics of variety of subjects requested as per by the students. Our students usually request their topics in advance which needs to be discussed in this This program is really effective and efficient in solving the concepts about unknown and difficult topics in a very flexible manner. This program usually active throughout the year and completely student oriented. This program is primarily driven by the participants. Normal timing of this program- 9 am every Sunday (INDIA), 10:30 pm every Saturday (TORONTO, CANADA).


*Any session missed from above two programs- you can get the recording via google drive. You have the opportunity to view it later or at your convenience.




  1. DENTAL CONCEPT BUILDING PROGRAM: This program is a very flexible, online and student-oriented program. It includes random question discussions on our Facebook group. This is a new addition to our course which avails another opportunity for the students to practice as many questions as they like to. This program gets new set of questions every week and enrolled students solves it at their pace. We also upload the explanations and key answers to all the uploaded We recently started this program and its one of our best decisions. It makes our course more intensive and allows the participants to see next level variations in the questions. This program plays a pivotal role in developing concepts among the students.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/696048298311480 (You will get accepted upon   enrolment)


  1. CLINIAL PROBLEM SOLVING CASES: This program is another extension of ATLAS TEAM helping hand and it is focusing primarily on differential diagnosis of clinical subjects. We do provide clinical problem-solving books and case reports in order to understand the clinical scenarios in a better This program is really a key factor in improving the diagnosis and management planning cluster.
  2. RANDOM DOUBT SESSIONS- This program caters individual as well as group doubts in a very flexible A student can book an appointment on our page and requests a doubt session. Then our team will see if the request can be accepted or postponed. Mostly it gets accepted provided the team member is available. This is really a helpful program in order to provide quick solutions without any hassles.


If this sounds interesting to you and need further details – then please inbox us at www.facebook.com/atlasdentalscholars or WhatsApp us at +9195926-98895




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