ACS Coaching in India

ACS Coaching in India

ACS Coaching in India – Atlas Dental Scholars approach for the NDEB Assessment of clinical skills (ACS) exam. This coaching will help you develop the perfect techniques to score an A on all of your projects. However, here, you will train in the same environment as the test, with our detailed study guide and multiple mock exams to get you used to the exam situation. It is a part of the standard assessment pathway as well as accesses the ability to apply clinical skills in a simulated atmosphere. It consists of three assessments i.e musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy. Although, the purpose of this course is to improve feedback, clinical teaching, and assessment of clinical skills.

Why Atlas Scholar Dental for ACS Coaching in India?

Atlas Dental Scholars is an advanced dental simulation training centre providing the best ACS coaching in India. It is the first of its kind in India and offers high-end training to Indian practitioners who are in aspiring to settle in the United States, Australia, Canada as well as New Zealand. Moreover, our simulation lab is here of an international standard. It is of a similar environment that exists in developed countries. We offer preparatory ACS coaching in India with an effective strategy for you to get ready for international exams.

ACS Coaching in India – Course outline

The ACS exam is very specific as well as minute details carefully observe. Though, This training program focuses attention on reaching ideal preparations and attaining life-like restorations. This program is for highly professional and experienced faculties to allow participants to build their knowledge base, and sharpen their skills to obtain a dental license. In addition, the program design consists of the following modules that provide participants with in-depth exposure and procedures to be performed by the examinee during the NDBE exam.

Course Module –

  1. Class II amalgam preparation
  2. Class III composite resin preparation
  3. Full metal crown preparation
  4. Apply a rubber dam
  5. Infection control
  6. Material hygiene
  7. Record keeping
  8. Endodontic access preparation on a molar tooth
  9. Ceram o metal crown preparation

Exam Details –

However, during the second-day Assessment of clinical skills, participants will examine their performance of dental procedures on simulation patients in a clinical setting. Although, in order to participate in the assessment of clinical skills, individuals must have received a minimum test equated score of 75 or higher on the assessment of clinical judgment that may be taken concurrently.

Note – Participants have the privilege of taking the assessment of clinical skills three times.

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