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ORE Part 1 Exam Coaching in IndiaORE Part 1 Exam Coaching in India – Atlas Dental Scholars is known as the leading Dental Coaching Institute in India. We are offering the Overseas Registration Exam coaching for Dental Surgeons online as well as offline. Our Institute is providing High-quality ORE Part 1 exam Coaching in India to start your career in the UK. We are a team of professionals. Therefore, we are very passionate about working and work in hand with you to achieve your goal of getting full registration.

The exam consists of two parts.

  • ORE Part 1 exam Coaching in India– It is a computer-based program.
  • ORE Part 2 exam Coaching in India– It is an OSCE-based clinical practice exam.

Why choose Atlas Dental Scholars for ORE Part 1 Exam Coaching in India?

  • Atlas Dental Scholars is an education as well as a training centre for Dentists who are planning to have a career abroad.
  • Generally, our Dental Coaching in India Institute is keen on staying updated with the latest advances in the field of dentistry.
  • Unlike other institutes, our Coaching Institute in India concentrates on small-group teaching. However, It allows significant individual input ensuring greater personal tuition and success for your future exam.
  • Our ORE Coaching in India works with a mission to provide the best support for overseas dentists to reach their potential as well as upgrade their skills.
  • We have successfully helped thousands of aspirants to achieve their General Dentistry Course Registration and are currently practising in the UK.
  • Moreover, Atlas Dental Scholars specialize in ORE Courses and offer a range of packages to fulfil all your needs.
  • We also offer a highly recommended ORE part 2 Exam Coaching in India covering all theoretical components.

Vision –

With a vision to provide the brightest and easy access, our trainers know how to crack International Dental Licensing exams.

ORE Part 1 Exam –

Furthermore, our coaching is designed to test the candidate’s application of knowledge to clinical practice which consists of two computer-based programs –

  • Paper A Covers clinically applied dental science as well as human disease.
  • Paper B Covers clinical aspects of clinical dentistry.

For further details related to our ORE Part 1 exam coaching please contact our admission team at +91 9592698895.


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