NBDE Coaching in India

NBDE Coaching in India

NBDE Coaching in India – The National Board Dental examination is a two-part series of exams to get the license to get practice dentistry in the United States. However, the joint commission on National dental examination is the organization that is responsible for the development of the National Board of Dental Examinations. But the NBDE part 1 is the first hurdle that helps you to achieve to get a license to get practice dentistry in the United States. On the other hand, your NBDE Scores also play a vital role in your dental career. Because residency programs use your NBDE score and compare students who have gone through different curricula. Therefore, getting a good score can help to give a big boost to your residency application. It can only be possible if you are getting the best NBDE Coaching in India from one of the best institutes like Atlas Dental Scholars.

Why choose Atlas Dental Scholars for NBDE Coaching in India?

Atlas Dental Scholars is the leading institute offering NBDE Coaching in India. It offers various innovative preparatory tools for the entire major National as well as International Tests. We have trained more than 2 lakh students on their journey so far. With a humble beginning in 2012, we have reached many milestones to date. We are a reputed brand providing NBDE online coaching in India. However, the objective of our coaching centres in India is to create an interest in the subject and help in reproducing the same in the examination hall and emphasis will be placed on a practical solution.

Keeping the interest in mind the course has been designed by us to make it easily adaptable to students while covering all the important subjects related to NBDE Coaching. In addition, our NBDE coaching mainly works to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student. It can motivate them to achieve their goals at every level.

About our Coaching –

By joining our institute, students will get counselling and a complete guide which includes –

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Exam schedule as well as application information
  • Details of the exam rules and regulations
  • Sample Test items which will help the aspirants to improve their score
  • When and where to apply for the exam
  • Case studies with pictures and charts
  • Get to know your strong and weak subject areas
  • Weekly Tests with computer-analyzed feedback
  • Self-evaluation

Thus, if you are looking for the best NBDE Coaching in India, then Atlas Dental Scholars is providing a great program, with a great support team and worth joining. It is strongly recommended to all dentists who are aspiring to go to the United States.


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