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ADC Exam Coaching in India – Become a licensed dental practitioner in Australia with the help of Atlas Dental Scholars, the leading institute providing the best ADC Exam Coaching in India. This test is specially designed to test your knowledge of the practice of dentistry and clinical as well as technical procedures. Though, Atlas Dental Scholars designs to provide effective ADC Part 1 Exam coaching in India and ADC Part 2 Exam coaching in India. We are the only training institute in India exclusively for the Health care domain. However, as we know the ADC examination is a screening examination to establish dentists who trained in dental school. It must have the necessary knowledge and clinical competence to practice dentistry with safety in the Australian community.

Faculties offered by our institute while providing ADC Exam Coaching in India –

  • Eligibility requirement
  • Format, timing as well as the venue of the ADC examination
  • Occupational English Test(OET)
  • Preliminary study examinations like MCQs as well as SAQs
  • Study material as per specific test

Why Atlas Dental Scholars for ADC Coaching?

ADC Exam Coaching in IndiaAfter completing their dental degree, the young graduate is looking for a platform to gain some experience and excel in their profession. However, it is impossible without proper guidance and direction. Therefore, Atlas Dental Scholars has ended this dilemma. Where young dental graduates are polished and show the direction to achieve success in their life. Atlas Dental Scholars is the institute that provides you with an extra edge to be the fittest as well as a successful one. In addition, we provide you with the top and the best quality ADC coaching in India and guidance in practice management starting from diagnosis to the follow-up of the patient.

Get Regular classes with Tests and discussions for the ADC part 1 and part 2 exams.

The reason that makes us different from others –

  • We are a team of hardworking specialists to cover all the aspects of the dentistry
  • We are offering both short as well as long-term courses for flexibility
  • Moreover, Atlas Dental Scholars is offering a step-by-step evaluation of the work beginning from the pre-clinical work to the patient management
  • All dental equipment is provided by our institute
  • Use of the latest dental technology
  • Diploma certificates
  • Use of audio-video aids to teach you dental procedures

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