Dr.Paul Lucky

Dr.Paul Lucky

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Bds, ADC (Australia), Tesol (UK), MSc- clinical dentistry (UK)

Dr. Lucky procured a four-year college education in dentistry from the BFUHS College and is right now filling in as an DCP in the Service of Wellbeing, New Zealand. He is most importantly a remarkable dental specialist who has worked at all levels in facilities across New Zealand, Australia, and India. Educating and drawing in with dental specialists is similarly as a very remarkable energy for him. Up until this point, he has educated more than 5000 of his dental associates. His inquisitive psyche and constant quest for flawlessness set the vibe for the group at Atlas Dental Scholars. Administering every single scholarly region, Dr. Lucky works enthusiastically to create and convey the most reliable and inventive educational plan. Since Atlas Dental Scholars commencement in 2013-2014, he has planned to give dental specialists back their expert pride by achieving equivalency or overhauling their vocations in Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, and New Zealand. Known for his order of surgeries, dental examination, intensive talks, and directing course breakdowns, Dr. Lucky rouses his learners to proficiently plan for the unfamiliar test with clear and fair assumptions, an uplifting outlook, and persistence.

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